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Q: What does this training cost?

A: This website provides free training on a variety of topics. To secure continuing education credits or a certified training certificate, please contact your sales rep.

Q: What are ICFs?

A: ICFs are Insulating Concrete Forms. They are a stay in place form for concrete made from EPS foam panels connected with plastic webs. These webs provide embedded furring strips as well as a placeholder for rebar. Once filled with concrete, ICFs provide a nearly airtight wall system with unparalleled soundproofing, energy-efficiency, and disaster resilience.

Q: What will this website teach me?

A: The training on this website will help you understand how to install ICFs, how to estimate the number and types of forms needed, and more.

Q: Where do I find out more information about BuildBlock ICFs?

A: More about BuildBlock ICFs can be found at http://buildblock.com or purchased from the My BuildBlock store at https://store.buildblock.com. The BuildBlock Youtube Channel BuildBlock ICFs – YouTube is filled with information, product videos, project tours, and more.

Q: Are ICFs hard?

A: Building with ICFs is much simpler in many ways than building with traditional wood frame construction. ICFs replace masonry construction, wood and steel frame construction, and more. BuildBlock ICFs are used every day by people who are experience with ICFs and novices alike. Using the training materials on this site and resources on http://buildblock.com you have all the support you need to build a successful project.