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Effective August 17, 2015

At BuildBlock, we strive to meet the needs of our customers. We’re here to help make your project easier and your business successful. Our Order Policies exist in order to serve you better and in the interest of fairness for all of our customers. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these policies.

Submitting Your Order

All orders for block, accessories, or promotional materials must be submitted using our BuildBlock Online Ordering System at Your order is not final or binding until you complete the procedures below.

Accepting Your Order

By clicking on the link following the Order Policies on the Final Checkout summary and completing the Final Checkout process via the BuildBlock Online Ordering System you are agreeing to the order policies. The link to proceed to the Final Check out is below the Order Policies on the email that you will receive after placing your order. Click on the link to approve the order, freight charges, and total amount due. On the Final Checkout page, enter your payment method and accept your order.

Change Orders Note

When you enter an order in the BuildBlock Online Ordering System, the order request does not become a FINAL ORDER until you receive and respond to the “Final Order Summary” Email from us by clicking on the “ACCEPT” button.
Any changes made to a FINAL ORDER (including but not limited to the content of the order, ship date, or shipping location) may affect your costs and delay the fulfillment of your order. Please call us to make any changes once your order has been submitted at 405-212-3127.

Expedited Orders

Our standard delivery time is 5 business days. While we make every effort to deliver your order by your requested delivery date or as soon as possible, any order requiring delivery within three (3) business days will incur a $100 Expedite Fee. If your order is placed using the BuildBlock Online Ordering System by 12 Noon Central Time on a regular business day, that day will count as “day one.” Otherwise, the next regular business day will be considered “day one.” To avoid the Expedite Fee, the order must be delivered after the third business day.

Returns or Exchanges

There are no returns or exchanges of blocks or accessories except for replacing damaged or defective products. Please review your block and accessory needs carefully prior to placing and accepting your order. Once you receive your order, it is yours. No returns or exchanges, no exceptions. Please refer to our Warranty Policy for defective material issues.

Multi-drop Orders

When a single truckload is delivered to more than one location, it is a multi-drop order. This can be two small orders to fill one truck or one truckload order with specific instructions as to how to load the truck for more than one drop. The freight carrier charges a standard stop fee of $75 per stop. To cover the additional time and special attention required, there is also a BuildBlock service charge.

The following Service Charge/Stop Fee schedule applies to all Multi-Drop Orders:

No. of Drops BuildBlock
Service Charge
Freight Carrier
Stop Fee
2 drops -0- $75
3 drops $50 $150
4 drops* $100 $225

*Maximum number of drops per truck load.

The BuildBlock multi-drop service charge applies even if you are handling your own shipping arrangements. This is due to the extra time required to arrange and stage these orders.

Breaking of Bundles

For the protection of the forms, it is our policy not to break bundles. All orders of block are based on full bundles which vary depending on the product being ordered. If a customer needs a bundle to be opened for any reason at the factory at the time of loading there will be $50 per bundle charge and the customer must agree to a liability waiver releasing BuildBlock and the factory from responsibility for damaged forms.

Freight Related Charges

BuildBlock has no control over the following charges. They are applied by the freight companies themselves. Please become familiar with these freight policies so you can avoid unexpected or avoidable extra charges.

Detention Charges

From the time the truck arrives at your shipping location, you have 2 free hours to unload the truck. If for any reason the truck driver is detained for more than 2 hours, you will be charged $75 per 1 hour increment.

Driver Assist Charges

The freight quote you receive from BuildBlock is based on no driver assistance. Please be advised that if you ask or allow a driver to unload the blocks and the driver reports this action to their dispatch, then you will be charged a $200 Driver Assist charge. Again, this is a charge from the freight company and is beyond our control.

Difficult Lot or Location Deliveries

If BuildBlock is not informed prior to scheduling your truck for delivery that the location is unreasonably difficult for 53’ trailer deliveries and BuildBlock is charged by the trucking company for the delivery, then we will pass that charge on to you accordingly.

Dropped Loads

A “dropped load” occurs when a carrier backs out of the freight arrangement for some reason, most often at the last minute. At that point, we must find an alternative freight carrier. Unfortunately, that means either the load must be rescheduled for a later delivery date or it must be scheduled as a “rush job” which typically costs more than the original quote. A “dropped load” is completely out of our control. In the event of a dropped load, you will be notified of your options and any cost differences. Please note you will be responsible to pay the difference between the original quote and the final freight cost, if any.

Special Loading Request – Ocean Containers

In the event, your project is shipping via ocean container. BuildBlock will assess a $250.00 loading fee for each container, if it is loaded directly at the BuildBlock Facility. The container must arrive empty as it cannot be loaded around other products.

Important information about your order:

By clicking on the link to the Final Order Summary Page you are accepting and agreeing to the above BuildBlock order policies. By accepting and entering payment information on the Final Checkout page you are agreeing to the binding order. Call BuildBlock with any questions or problems with your order. We thank you for your trust and business.

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